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The founders behind the Start-Up :

Quipu Applications was founded by Michael Issa CEO, and Amit Mittal Vice President of Engineering. Issa controls the overall strategy, operations, and financial management of the company, while Mittal is responsible for the software development and IT infrastructure of all Quipu products.

What sparked the idea to create Quipu Applications:

“I have always been intrigued by the business of companies that I have engaged with and I have always seen numbers in my head.  In grad school, I took my really serious spreadsheet, which created a “model” of any business and turned it into a web application as a part of my thesis.  It was built around predictive growth models The Dirichlet and Bass, and had over 70,000 visitors model a business.”

Background of Quipu Applications:

The two products offered by Quipu Applications are the Quipu BusinessModel and the Quipu incQubator.

Quipu BusinessModel™ is a cloud-based dashboard empowering users to develop and manage a dynamic living business plan complete with collaboration, financials, documents, project management, integrated blog, wiki’s, posts, and grouping. Along with this, all users can stay up to date on the progress and updates based on individual permissions and personal preference of notifications.

Quipu incQubator™ allows businesses to provide branded BusinessModel communities that can be completely monitored and administered via an easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard complete with instrumentation and collaboration.

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love what Quipu Applications has brought to the table not only because is it unique to the business community, but also because they are offering their National University and College Branded Communities solution at no cost to any U.S.-based college-level, two- or four-year academic institution. AWESOME!

Something else we loved about Quipu is one of their newest projects, the Boot-Strap America program Starting Up America One Business Plan at a Time. This program allows students enrolled in U.S.-based, four and two year colleges and universities, including community colleges — to create, manage, and submit their start-up business plan for a chance to win up to $30,000 in seed financing. Again, this opportunity is awesome, and we love that Quipu is supporting upcoming entrepreneurs and their dreams!!

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