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The founder behind the Start-Up :

Liza Kendall’s background in and passion for the event industry and those involved with them has been carried on through her start-up since the day she open her doors. As a former event planner, Liza has continued her work in the industry by providing customers a slightly different service. Her business stemmed from a simple idea, a chance, and some serious entrepreneurship. Liza has created a product that benefits more than just the event attendees, but also the vendors and clients.

What sparked the idea to create ElizaJ:

Liza founded ElizaJ after working countless events in which there was a continual need for a more upscale, clean, and self-contained restroom. One day Liza came across a portable restroom business that was up for sale, when the idea came to her… “Portable restrooms for women, by women.”

Background of ElizaJ:

Since the birth of ElizaJ, Liza has been completely focused on providing high quality products and guaranteed first class customer service. Through her services, she and ElizaJ have gained the trust of customers such as caterers, event planners, rental companies and so on. ElizaJ‘s customers know that if her signature is on the restroom unit, they have the original. Make sure to check out their website and see all of the products that ElizaJ has to offer!

Why we think they’re awesome:

Something really cool about ElizaJ is that they offer a 10 percent discount to certified non-profit organizations. “Whether it’s a black tie event or a themed party, non-profit organizations put a lot into their fundraising efforts and any money that can be retained instead of spent is a good thing,” explains Liza. In addition to giving non-profits a discount, ElizaJ also supports charities that give back to those in need by donating at least five percent of their annual profits to charities such as the Seva Foundation, Heifer International, Best Buddies, United Way, Disabled Veterans and the Union of Concerned Scientists. THAT IS AWESOME!!

Another reason why we love ElizaJ, should be a dead giveaway… because honestly, who really likes using Porta Pottys? There is just something awesome about a portable restroom made with women in mind. Liza hit the jackpot when she brought these comfortable and trustworthy restrooms to life! We love the idea that the product is focused on providing a smooth and commodious experience that can normally be five minutes of torture.

Be sure to connect with Liza and ElizaJ through their website below!

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