Have you ever ridden on a train, airplane or even been out in public when someone around you is literally yelling through the phone overpowering every other sound around you? Well apparently the other day a “educated” woman was riding the train at Metro North and some people around her asked an employee to tell her to tone it down a bit.

The conductor calmly goes over to the lady to ask her to quiet down but just as she said it the loud woman started shouting at her saying how “educated” she was and what kind of schools she went to. She continued to yell and then says “I want my money back….” As we say here at BB, she is the definition of a CustoMonster.

You can watch the video here on Gawker (oh it’s good).

After all this happened the conductor got on the loud speaker and reminded everyone to speak softly and to not use profanity on the train especially those “who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport.”

Hopefully she learns something from this and this is another reason you should not act out in public because you never know where it might show up…

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