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The founders behind the Start-Up :

Raj Malik, CEO & Co-Founder. Mike Mauseth, President & Co-Founder. Travis Valentine, CTO & Co-Founder. Mike Collins, VP, Product.

What sparked the idea to create KikScore:

The four founders came together on the simple idea of creating a tool that would help small businesses struggling with customers feeling uneasy about online shopping. Combining their backgrounds in data analysis, risks assessments, ecommerce and small businesses, the foursome created a concept that allows online small businesses to take data and information and use it to show customers that they are trustworthy. Another spark for the foursome’s start-up was their passion to create their own futures and give something back to other entrepreneurs and small businesses out there.

Background of KikScore:

Although KikScore was launched in early 2010, it had originally been brought to life in 2009 through their blog and social medias. Allowing the team to focus on and  improve upon their product before fully launching. These guys are awesome! The foursome created their start-up and currently run it daily in between their regular day jobs… calling themselves “nights and weekends entrepreneurs.” While juggling customer service calls daily and late night team calls, the entire KikScore team stays focused on key items to make their business grow!

Why we think they’re awesome:

As technology continues to rapidly grow and change, so should the protection and security that comes with it! Exactly why we love what KikScore is doing and the services that they offer. Ever been worried that you couldn’t trust a certain website that you wanted to purchase an item from? — Or have you, as a business owner, ever felt that you were losing customers because they were uncertain if they should trust you?? Well look no further… because that’s exactly what KikScore is working to solve!

Another reason why we love KikScore is because part of their main goal is to help enable small businesses to sell more online by offering the customers the satisfaction of knowing they are buying from reliable and trustworthy companies.

Something really cool about KikScore that we wanted to share was how passionate they are about empowering small businesses to use their own brand, as opposed to only pushing the name KikScore on their customers. For instance, KikScore helps businesses to make information such as website history, traffic and trends, financial responsibility, return and customer service policies, and certifications visible for their customers in order to build trust. — AWESOME

Make sure to check out KikScore‘s service on their site and social medias below!

A special thanks to Raj Malik!

Connect with them:

Website; Twitter; Facebook; Blog

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  1. Raj /

    Thanks for the coverage. We really, really appreciate it. Thanks as well for the support. If there are any small businesses that would like to join the more than 1500 small businesses that have already signed up for KikScore, and would like a 60 day FREE trial, tweet to us at @kikscore or drop a comment on our KikScore Facebook Page!


  2. Rebecca /

    We use the Kikscore seal on our ecommerce site and find that it translates well to our customers as an easy to read instant background check on our business. It is also a great way to enable customers and site visitors to leave feedback that both you and other visitors can use. We’ve found it to be a useful tool and much more than just a simple trust seal. Plus they have amazing customer service and are extremely responsive. Anytime I’ve reached out to them with any questions, I had help right away. Would highly recommend them!


  3. Raj /

    Thanks for covering us Leah. We really appreciate it. Thanks to J. David for your comment too. If any small businesses would like to try out our Confidence Badge and trust building service for 60 days FREE and join the more than 1500 other small businesses that have signed up for KikScore, please tweet to us on Twitter at @kikscore or leave us a comment on our Facebook fan page for KikScore and we will get you the coupon codes.

    Thanks again.


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