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The founders behind the Start-Up :

Craig Wolfe is the founder and owner of Celebriducks. Coming from a background in the art industry, his first company, Name That Toon, grew to become the largest publisher of advertising/animation art in the country.

Craig’s daughter, Rebecca, worked for him developing the entire beginning of the Celebriducks line. Once their idea grew big enough, Craig knew that he was going to have to choose between the two companies. Craig made the decision to sell his art company and focus solely on Celebriducks… and hasn’t looked back since!

What sparked the idea to create Celebriducks:

“Alcohol… well, kind of….” Craig explains the beginning of Celebriducks as an unexpected idea being tossed around by a couple of friends after having some drinks one night. They talked about Craig’s current business at the time and how it would be cool to create rubber ducks that looked like celebrities. Craig thought to himself, hey this could be fun… and the idea was born! After playing around with the first Celebriducks, Craig was approached by the Philadelphia 76ers with a project. The 76ers wanted him to create a Celebriduck for Allen Iverson, complete with his earring, cornrows and tattoos!

Why we think they’re awesome:

Something really unique that caught our attention were the facts that Craig shared with us about rubber ducks and where they came from. After talking with Craig, he informed us that the original rubber duck was created in Ohio, where they plan to build their next factory! Their art department is already located in Ohio, but with the factory, Celebriducks is bringing the industry back in town! Craig also mentioned that all other rubber duck companies are distributed from outside the U.S. making Celebriducks the only rubber duck company doing their pre-production work in America.

A special thanks to Craig Wolfe and Celebriducks!

Connect with them:

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