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The story behind the founders & The Green Garmento:

Husband and wife duo, Rick Siegel and Jennie Nigrosh launched The Green Garmento to the dry cleaning industry in August 2008, sending out their first wave of orders in November. Coming from a successful background in the Hollywood entertainment industry, Jennie and Rick have been overwhelmed with the gratification they have gotten from creating something so unique and “green.”

What sparked the idea to create The Green Garmento:

Jennie tells the story of how their creation came about, and without surprise, it all started from a problem needing a solution. Being the owner of numerous dry-clean-only outfits, Rick’s closet was constantly filled with plastic garment bags. Not only were the bags overwhelming and taking up room, but the couple hated the amount of plastic wasted on all of  the one time use dry cleaning runs. The mix of bags in their closet began driving Jennie “bananas.”

One day Jennie and Rick decided to take it upon themselves and research the types of reusable bags that local cleaners would accept, and ultimately implement permanently. They then took the next step and with the local dry-cleaners’ help, began perfecting a garment bag that would not only be appealing to the eye, but also environmentally friendly and not too harsh on the wallet.

Why we think they’re awesome:

One of the main reasons why we choose to feature The Green Garmento in this segment, simply put, was because it is “Green.” At Business Beware, we are all about using any products or services that support saving the environment. The Green Garmento is an eco-friendly alternative, made to take the place of the thousands of single-use plastic dry cleaning bags. Along with this, the Green Garmento can be used three other ways; a carrying and duffel bag, a hanging hamper, and also a laundry bag!

Make sure to check out The Green Garmento‘s website and find out more details and what they has to offer! Keep it up Jennie and Rick!

A special thanks to Melanie Bender and Jennifer Rose!

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