Business Beware’s Start-up Spotlights

Founders behind the start-up:

Leslie Tweedie is the founder of Little Independent, a Chicago-based online marketplace for sale items at independent retail stores. Leslie is also the owner of a local Chi-town bike store that goes by the name of Roscoe Village Bikes.

The story behind Little Independent:

One day Leslie took a look at all of the bikes sitting in her shop, thinking about how long they had been there, and the mark-downs they had done to make sales… when it hit her. She came up with a solution that would help her, as well as other independent store owners experiencing the same problems. Thus, Little Independent was born.

What makes Little Independent so unique:

Although the start-up was only launched this past June 1st, Leslie had received numerous responses from other independent stores that were already creating profiles with listings on her site before the launch! Leslie believes that if independent stores can work together through Little Independent, then they will certainly be able to do more than any could do individually.

“Little Independent gives independent stores the online equivalent of having their store on Main Street.”     – Leslie

Why we think they’re awesome:

We love that Leslie has taken it upon herself to work as an advocate for independent retailers through her start-up. By doing so, Leslie is also giving shoppers a simple and fun way to find independent stores and unique merchandise.

Something else that we love about Leslie and Little Independent is her passion for running her own independent store. Leslie describes the shopping experience of an independent store as “better service and more in depth knowledge of the products being sold.” She also mentioned that the inventory is not being ordered thousands of miles away in a corporate office… but “right there in the store by a person who is invested in the business’s continued success.”

Be sure to check out Little Independent and plan a trip to Roscoe Village Bikes if you are in the neighborhood! Also check out their website and social medias below.

Connect with them:

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