We talked about this on a recent radio show but we thought we should go ahead and cover it here on the site too for those who are visual people like us….

Branding can be a broad word with all that you can dive into but something that is important for small business owners to jump into is online branding. Here are a few important things to consider when jumping into the online space to make your brand stand out:

Don’t just start a conversation…Continue it.

So many start a Twitter, Facebook or website for their business but don’t actually use it. They are communication tools so use them to communicate with customers and those wanting to learn about your brand. If you start a conversation then follow up with that person or even reach out to others while jumping into a conversation. You also want to know what people are saying about you so don’t be afraid to jump in and communicate with everyone. Also if someone rants about your business or product, take a second and remember that however you respond….everyone can see it and it never goes away…..This is the “voice behind your brand.”

Keep out the personal life details

Too many times people will talk about things going on at home or what they had for breakfast etc. Don’t tweet out “just had some amazing toast and eggs.” Now if you were at an awesome burger joint and the service was great, the plate of food was to die for and you took a picture of it to share saying “this is the best burger joint ever and the service was phenomenal at______” then there is nothing wrong with that at all. That’s sharing but “being personal” with others. Don’t get personal, be personable.

Find your niche and be persistent

Yes, the online world is overcrowded and loud but that should not overwhelm you in any way. Jump in there and find your niche audience. Sometimes people get impatient about finding their niche. It doesn’t happen overnight either. I remember when Mike Michalowicz told me it took him a little while to find his niche because “entrepreneur” is such a broad term for an audience that you have to narrow it down from even that category. Be patient with it, be persistent and never count out a certain target audience either.

Make sure to flaunt the “About us” page

Flaunt but don’t shove stuff down people’s throat. There is nothing more annoying than a marketing guru constantly talking about how great they are etc. Don’t be that person. If you have achievements, awards, certifications etc. definitely share it with everyone because it gives you creditability. Tell your background story about how your business started, who’s involved and even show pictures overtime. There is nothing like learning about an old business and how it started because someone’s grandfather had an idea and now 30 years later it’s still running. Toot your horn in a good way but not the annoying “marketer” way.

These are only just a few things to consider while branding your business online. Just remember that it can take a lifetime to build trust but only a second to ruin it. That is exactly how people perceive your brand too.