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The story behind ize-T:

For years, Matt White, the founder of ize-T, struggled to balance work-life with his family-life… until one day Matt decided he was going to change all of that. He came up with the idea to integrate work and family by creating ize-T, a start-up built to not only supply an abundance of fun and creative T-shirts, but to also to help children in need around the world.

What sparked the idea for the T-shirts:

While talking with Matt he mentioned to me that ize-T is “t-shirts for kids, by kids, to help kids.” This concept is one we have not seen before, and hope to watch grow. As for right now, ize-T offers three styles of shirts — for the boys, a classic boys’ symbol… a dinosaur! The second style offered for boys is the smiley face, and the girls’ shirt features the classic heart symbol. All three shirts come in several varieties of colors. So check them out!

Founders behind the start-up:

Entrepreneur Matt White began ize-T this past November with his wife Anne, and three children, Audrey (12 yrs), Isaac (9 yrs), and Ian (5 yrs). On their site they give an awesome definition of their family and ize-T… “What do you get when you add three creative kids + an entrepreneur dad + an organized mom? You get ize-T!”  LOVE IT!

Why we think they’re awesome:

Where do we start?? We love what Matt and his family are doing through ize-T for so many reasons! The White family are not only making fun shirts for kids, but their main goal of ize-T is to do something good for others. Matt and his crew have partnered with World Vision’s ACT:S to End Malaria campaign to make the goal of his start-up succeed. They have offered that with every shirt purchased through ize-T, they will donate an insecticide-treated bed net to protect children and families from malaria. How cool is this??

Something else really cool about ize-T is the brand new application that they have available on the iTunes App Store for iPhones. Check it out here!

Matt speaks with such a passion for what he and his family are doing for others, specifically for those suffering from Malaria. Be sure to check out their site, grab a cool shirt for someone you know and look at the amazing goals they are working to meet as a family.

Connect with them:

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