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After returning home from her trip to Malawi, Africa in 2007, Cassandra Yoder a had desire to find a way that she could give back to the people in Malawi. After researching many different areas of need, Cassandra chose to set her sights on giving educational opportunities to the people of Malwai, and in doing so, founded the non profit organization Taking Back Lives.

As part of the mission of Taking Back Lives, Cassandra and her team work to provide solutions to the problems in Malwai such as the illiteracy, poverty, disease and lack of education among their country. Solutions that they are providing include but are not limited to, the School Project, scholarships, development of the Malwai community, partnerships and many volunteer opportunities to get involved in. Taking Back Lives empowers local youths to get involved in the fight to give one of the world’s least developed countries the educational opportunities they deserve.

Be sure to check Cassandra and her team out on their site, connect with them, and get involved in any of the many opportunities that they offer! These are truly some inspiring and amazing people!

Thank you again to Cassandra and everyone at Taking Back Lives!

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