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Interview with founder Mari Luangrath

About Mari and Foiled Cupcakes:

Foiled Cupcakes is not your typical tangible storefront you see when you walk down the street because there is no store, it’s all online. That’s part of the beauty behind this great business actually. They started out contacting people via Twitter and building a following even before they opened for business and no website! Yeah, true story.

Mari and her team have 18 different cupcakes to choose from, they deliver right to your door and put a customized cool saying with each cupcake you buy. Like Mari says in the interview: “it’s a great icebreaker!”

Mari is truly passionate about what she does and loves to chat with amazing people. She took the time to tell us how they got started and how they built a following just by getting social on Twitter, advice for upcoming entrepreneurs and even her amusing CustoMonster stories (as we always, always find interesting here at BB).

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