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Interview with Rori Travels Florida

Background on Rori:

Rori Paul is the founder and writer of Rori Travels Florida, a blog brought to life by Rori’s love for writing and fun-loving personality. In her blog, Rori writes about her travels through Florida, the attractions she checks out, and her thoughts on each stop she makes. While many writers struggle to be unbiased in their work, Rori prides herself on telling it like it is and sharing her true thoughts on her travels. Rori’s work and effort makes it very clear that she loves what she does.

Rori’s blog keeps us in the loop by sharing local deals and specials, times and dates best suited for visits, the best attractions for children/adults, and more! Make sure to take advantage of her awesome service to Floridians and vacationers and check it out before making any trip plans!

We stumbled across Rori’s blog and immediately had to learn more… check it out and you will understand why!

Make sure and connect with her and get started planning your next vacation in Florida =)

Connect with Rori:

Her Website

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