We love catching behind the scenes stuff and bloopers during the show. It’s actually our favorite part to go back and watch later (yes, we are those that put in the movie and then play the bloopers before the movie ever starts). As you know we have started taking behind the scenes footage of the show so you can join in the fun and get a giggle with us….People are always asking how we’re capturing these shots so we decided to take the time and share the goodness with you. That would be with the Kodak Playsport Camera.

This thing is awesome and it’s waterproof! So if Robert (as messy as he is) spills something on it, it’s still good to go. That is a huge plus for us and we live in FL so the humidity is a killer. You may have also seen during new episodes the “BB cam” and those shots are taken with this little camera. Seriously, it’s like our new best friend.

So now on every interview and on site episode we do we take this little baby with us everywhere so we don’t miss a thing. Headed to NYC to cover the Girls Who Rock benefit and guess what will be in our hands….yes the Kodak Playsport. We highly recommend this whether it’s for the family or even catching some professional shots.

We heart you Kodak.

P.S. featured in the photos are FL Orange Groves Winery, ideapaint, Black Gold Coffee and WhatGripesMe.com