We all have stories of those random, idiotic, pointless questions… (though they make us smile to talk about now, sometimes they can be hard to brush off…) For your entertainment, we have compiled a short list of funny customer questions that have been sent in. Giggle if you must..

Jimmy (TOMBOLO goods mfg & Paper-Feet) had a woman call in to question why his website domain name was not working, when he asked what she had entered, she read back his email address… would it be wrong to laugh?? =) =)

Greg Jenkins (Bravo Productions) has customers ask him all the time “how much does an event cost?” Those of you that know about events, know that there are countless variables to consider while planning an event, and that without providing any information concerning who, what, where, & when… Duhhhh!

Brina Bujkovsky (The Younique Boutique) makes fully customized cake toppers. She had a young man call in asking for an “inapproproate” topper of himself naked… well that’s all we’ll say…

Samantha Goldberg (Samantha Goldberg & Co.) has numerous stories of clients leaving outrageous voicemails such as persistent single women calling to book her wedding services… without having a fiance, nor a boyfriend for that matter!

Leslie Haywood (Charmed Life Products LLC) had a customer ask where her dress was from, then stated she had a “similar build” to his wife… NATURALLY he thought it would look great on her and wanted to get her the very same dress… awkward.

Dank previously worked for a banking institution call-center; One of his best stories entails a man trying to pay his debt by check. After he explained to the man that he needed to pay immediately and that a check would take to long, the customer offered to compromise and fax the check to his office — in the expensive of time… be serious…

Jane Lebak via Twitter: “What time is the ten o’clock Mass?”

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We hope you all enjoyed those as much as we did =)


What’s Wrong with Them??

— PC Out