Alright, so after the buzz caused by our last post about office spaces, we decided to expand on that but give it a twist (we like to do that…) We asked what your favorite office outside of the office was, to get away and get things done… whether that be a quiet coffee shop, your best friend's living room, or your car while stuck in traffic. The votes are in and we have listed the top "offices" by our viewers. Check it out!

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Damien Nash (TNG Publishings LLC) – gets inspiration in the early morning hours, therefore his choice is early mornings in bed.

Anne Klein Barney (Giraffe PR) – chose a co-working space where she purchased a membership, DurangoSpace.

Edward Grebeck (Tempus Advisors) – Likes the West Balcony at New York's Grand Central Terminal, because it is quiet & has a attentive & courteous staff.

Shaun Fisher (Raw Talent Guitar) – Likes to take his Dalmatian, Marty, to the dog park by his main office and work in the gazebos.

Jeff Swedarsky (Food Tour Corporation) – Enjoys going to the gym by his office to get work done while the weight training clears his head.

Rori Paul (RoriTravel's Florida) – Because Rori is constantly traveling, she is mostly working in her car or stopping by Starbucks to get things done.

Mike "Dr. Woody" Woodward (Dr. Woody) – Is a true Starbucks fan (he even mentioned the staff in the acknowledgements in one of his books!), he has also found that he is very productive on airplanes during travel.

Debra Davenport (Identity IQ LLC) – A local golf/country club that she holds a membership specifically for the purpose of getting her work done in a gorgeous environment.

Marjorie Asturias (Blue Volcano Media) – Though she might get distracted in her home office by the occasional laundry pile, she enjoys the peace & quiet that allows her to plow through tons of work.

Thom Singer (Professional Speaker) – He enjoys getting his work done at a Starbucks when not engaged face to face with audiences or clients.

Dotty Scott (Premium Websites) – She likes to meet up with clients for consultations at a local coffee shop because she likes helping him grow as a small business owner like herself.

Bill Lampton (Championship Communication) – He chooses to get work done and meet with clients at his local Panera Bread… free WIFI, friendly service, and great refreshments & food!

Valorie Cudnik (Computer Design Graphics) – She chooses Panera Bread as well, and also her local Starbucks.. because they both have free WIFI & great coffee!

Mike Koehler (Smirk New Media) – Enjoys the nice leather easy chair by the window at his local Panera Bread

Erik Fikorn (Lobbyist) – He enjoys getting work done at any of the half dozen perches around the Vermont Statehouse… the comfy chairs by the fireplace in the card room, or by the window seat outside the senate chamber. This way he is always ready for any breaking news that might happen.

Charlie (Our Plumbers Inc.) – Get's his ideas and planning done over coffee at a local restaurant or Starbucks.

Sarah Baldwin (Goodnighties Inc.) – It might not be the cleanest place, but it is quiet, allows her to play music if she desires, and is safe with locked doors… you guessed it, she gets her work done in her car.

Colleen Cole (HumanFerret) – She enjoys heading up north for the summer and using her screen-room to get some work done with a cup of coffee and her laptop.

Derrick Hayes (One Word) – His office outside of the office is where he works as a Juvenile Corrections Officer, there he can clear his head & plan out what he needs to get done within the next few days.


We wish we could have put everyone in here, but due to all of the responses we had to leave some out… Thank you to everyone that participated!


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