An office should make you feel comfortable, give you the resources to get work done, and allow you to really get your creativity kickin'.

We asked you to tell us where your favorite office spaces were, and why they are so unique and creative. We chatted with some awesome people getting the details on each of their spaces, we also asked each of them what advice they would give to a new business/entrepreneur about creating an office space that works for them (check those responses out right under each name & title) After some tough decisions with an overwhelming response, we chose our top favorite office spaces to share with you! Check them out below =)  




Grasshopper Group: Website, Twitter, Facebook

Stephanie Bullis, Ambassador of Buzz

"Your office atmosphere should fuel your company's core values. If you're running a company that is passionate about employee engagement, make sure your providing employees with the facility and tools that allow them to interact with their colleagues."

"Grasshopper is a virtual phone system for entrepreneurs, it works just like a traditional phone system, but requires no hardware to purchase – it's all managed online or by phone." Services that Grasshopper provides include "forwarding calls, receive faxes, tag messages online, and get voicemails via email." They also provide toll free or local numbers that businesses can then create extensions for employees, regardless of where they are located. Aside from the services they provide, they pride themselves on being "evangelists for entrepreneurs and are passionate about helping small businesses grow." LOVE THIS!!

David Hauser, creator of Grasshopper's office created the space because he wanted it to be fun for his employees. Knowing that "happy people want to be at work and are more productive," he took it upon himself to design their office based on having fun.

Something unique about Grasshopper that Stephanie shared with us was their new office project where they plan open some of their extra office space and rent them out to local startups for very cheap. This goes to show that Grasshopper is all about the locals and small businesses.. again, LOVE THIS!

Grasshopper Grasshopper

Quantum Networks





Quantum Networks
: Website, Twitter, Facebook

Ari Zoldan, Founder & CEO

Eytan Wiener, COO

Kristina Tsamis, Managing Director

"Get everyone's feedback. You want each and every employee to be happy with their space. New interns at Quantum are always surprised and impressed that they get their very own desks. Even though they are smaller than the desks of regular employees, there is something about having your own workspace that feels good–and ultimately increases productivity. And, as with everything you want to be successful at: go with your gut. Over-thinking every square foot of space can derail a project that should be fun and creative. Get your practical needs met first in a non-obsessive way and everything else will fall into place."  —-  (Kristina)
"Quantum Networks is a pioneer in marketing and selling niche next generation communication devices through various online channels that the company has engineered and developed. The company’s management has developed a unique work environment that encourages entrepreneurship and intuitive decision making."
Their office space was put together collectively by the entire Quantum Networks team. One day the team decided to tackle new IKEA furniture by getting out some tools and putting everything together. The ladies at the office ended up scoring the "girls room," which they all ended up moving into, leaving the guys with the room without the beautiful view of the Empire State Building.. of course the guys had to retaliate.. they "salvaged an abandoned television screen… and set up a surveillance camera facing out of the girls window to make themselves a makeshift window of sorts."
Quantum Networks Quantum Networks
Alex Moazed, President & CEO
"Make sure you have a vision for what you want your office to be before entering into a lease. You need to be able to visualize what you would do with the space."
Applico strategizes, designs and develops custom mobile apps. They work on iOS, Android and BlackBerry for smartphones, tablets and connected devices including smart TVs and in-auto applications.
We loved their office space because although it used to be a residential building located in downtown Manhattan, Alex has turned it into a comfortable and fun environment with a unique buzz. The employees get enjoy the rooftop as they have turned it into a great hangout space with a one of a kind NYC view. They can grill out, relax, and I believe I even saw a Corn-Hole board =)
Applico Appiloco
Twisted Limb Paper Works

Twisted Limb Paper
: Website, Twitter, Facebook
Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese, Founding Artist/Owner
"Find help from the interior design and/or architecture department at your local university. Classes often need special projects for their students to work on and you can get great free advice about how to lay out your space and the types of things that you should take into consideration. Also, ask friends and employees for their input!"
Twisted Limb makes 100% recycled handmade paper and then transforms that paper into custom invitations, greeting cards, business promotional items, and their own brand of memorial and sympathy cards, Remembrance Tree® Papers.
Their story is unique because of the perfect fit of their office space. They came across a building that was originally intended to be an engine repair shop… filled with tons of electric outlets and cement floors with drains all over. Keeping the original cement floors and drains for the production art studio, it worked out perfect for the messy paper making process… AWESOME! Everyone at Twisted Limb loved coming together to work in the same location and the bright colorful (total of 12 different colors) walls make it a happy and exciting place to be and work in.
Twisted Limb Paper Twisted Paper
Thank you to all of the businesses who shared their "out of the box office spaces" with us here at Business Beware. We had a blast learning about your business and seeing where all the work and magic happens. Keep rocking it!
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