Can we get a drum roll please…..

Yes, you can now listen and watch us even more during your workday, workouts and on the go!

Web enable TVRobert is still scratching his head at how we are able to be across so many networks at so many times (Bless his heart, he’s old school). Get ready to amp up your speakers and bust out those remote controls because we will soon be on WebTalkRadio and Popbox/Popcorn Hour.

You had no idea Christmas came in April did you? Well here at Business Beware we like to spread Christmas cheer year-round and also sip it in our coffee cups too (BlackGold to be precise). Don’t forget you can catch weekly show segments right here on the site, have them delivered to your inbox (RSS), download it to your iPod/iPad/iPhone (audio/video) and take us on the go, or of course you can watch us through Roku and Connected-TV as well.

We still have a few more tricks up our sleeves so make sure and stay tuned for other things in the works. Also new interviews coming your way that you don’t want to miss.