We can honestly say that after our trip to Florida Orange Groves Winery and tasting the wines there that it became one of our favorite things. We tasted the Blueberry, Key Limen, Grapefruit, Mango Mamma and more. These literally taste just like the fruit and live up to their names. These wines are a way to make you feel like you’re a castaway on your own island, laying in a hammock with  not a care in the world and one amazing bottle of wine in your hand while watching the sun goes down. We also came across the “Redneck wineglass” in the gift store. We immediately felt at home seeing this and it too became one of our favorite things. Learn more about all the wines you can purchase at the store: Floridawine.com

AND the t-shirts we’re wearing in the video are from our friends at Venissimo Cheese. Their cheese is good and I can bet it would go well with a bottle of wine too.

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