We are going to take moment and recognize some people that took the time to recognize us. We can't tell you how much we LOVE the feedback we get about our show and your thoughts about our mission with Business Beware. It's people like you that keep us spreading the word about amazing businesses out there that have something to say and their advice. We welcome any feedback you have (even if you don't agree with us) because we do read every email. Check out these awesome people and what they wrote in to us:

  • "I heard about this site through a friend at lunch a few months ago and immediately had to check it out. I used the "beware letter" to collect money from a customer I was about to write off and it worked like a charm. That money was able to go right back into my business like it should and I thank you for that! Many people out there try and cheat business owners when at the root of it all they want is money but with Business Beware you can tell that their goal is to help the small business owners. They don't even take a percentage from the letter sent out! I am a forever fan and look forward to your show every week because it's true that sometimes you just have to laugh at things that happen in everyday life of a business owner." – Chace Gillon


  •  "I started our family business about 20 years ago and it definitely has been a rocky road to say the least but at the same time I have enjoyed every minute of it. I love learning about other's businesses and LOVE the fact that you have started the "family business" series on your show. That's how so many businesses started back in the day and it's awesome for you to share their stories. We need more people like you on the small business owner's side. God bless you." –Carla Johnson


  • "I love watching Ashley and Robert and their love for what they do while educating young and old business owners. They're real and not your typical straight laced, boring customer service people shoving useless information down your throat and making you pay a pretty penny for it. Keep bringing it guys and don't let up on those lying customer service experts out there." –Brad Khol


So as you can see why we love our fans and viewers. Feel free to send us feedback at anytime. Whether you want it to be anonymous or leave your name we greatly appreciate it. Help us continue to spread the word and help business owners everywhere. Let's keep rockin it.

And speaking of rockin…check out our friends at GirlsWhoRock.org and learn how you can get involved and help raise money for their cause.


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