By now if you watch and listen to our rantings you understand where we stand with customer service “experts” who tell you to care to every need of the customer even when they spit in your face (IE the Telephone Doctor, Expert Village, etc.) But that’s not how we play because we actually deal with customers every day and know that in these times you can’t baby every customer that comes along.

This question came in yesterday and we wanted to answer it so bad that we just had to do it now before the show. Question comes from Bobby in Oklahoma:

“I was on the phone with a customer the other day who said that she needed us to get out to her house immediately to fix her valve (in her irrigation system). I let her know that all our techs were out in the field and they could not be pulled off the job unless they wanted to pay an emergency fee since the other customers waited the normal time to schedule a service call. They laid into me about having to pay a fee and how ridiculous it was that we could not pick up what we were doing and come out there at that moment. They said that didn’t work for them and hung up on me. What do you say to this and why in the world should we do anything for someone that’s nasty like that?

P.S. Found your show through an Irrigation Magazine. Thank you for thinking of the little guys!

Well first off Bobby, glad you found the show! And second our advice is next time that happens….CLICK. You and your employees do not need to deal with people like that. It’s not worth your time and you know good and well that if they are like that from the start then they will most certainly be like that down the road.

We know first hand what it’s like dealing with crazy irrigation customers at times where they have to have someone out there at that moment like you’re sitting in your office twiddling your thumbs or something. Tell them your policy or how you run the business with that situation and if they don’t like it then say “thank you and then CLICK.”

Or you can always choose the southern way of saying it “bless your heart….CLICK.” Something tells us even Paula Deen would agree with that one.

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