Stuck on Stupid: The Telephone Doctor


We found a video on Youtube featuring Nancy the Telephone Doctor as she discusses how to deal with angry customers. It was too good not to share with you while putting our own twist to the video and giving our opinion on their customer service training. And remember we are talking about small business here, not corporate.

Watch original Telephone Doctor video here.

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  1. Liz Jacobs /

    How in the world do they sell those DVDs? So nice to see you bring perspective to these types of videos trying to educate businesses.

  2. Ashley /

    That was our question exactly too Liz…How do they sell these to people and why do people believe this stuff? And thank you we try to bring perspective while throwing in a smidge of humor 🙂

  3. Jason Friedman /

    Ha! I have seen and heard of this before and I can’t believe they said you should never hang up on a customer! Just the other day I had a customer say he was always right at the beginning of the conversaton… I knew exactly where the conversation was headed. Great job!

  4. Edward Lott /

    I’d like to present another take on this topic. I worked for a Fortune 200 company that used JD Power and Associates to measure customer satisfaction and we found ourselves needing formalized customer service training. The company brought in the team from The Telephone Doctor and we implemented the whole system to drive measurable improvement in our scores. Granted, the whole system contains a comprehensive library of DVDs and workbook exercises that go beyond this one volume that you’ve selected to analyze so its only fair to point out that the system is designed to work when used appropriately. There was even a module on performance coaching that I’ve used to great success in practice.

  5. Robert /

    Thanks for your comments. I am sure that there are some parts of the Telephone Doctor’s program that are more enlighetning than entertaining. Our perspective on all of these so called professionals who claim to help businesses in different areas is that if your company needs their help it is a sad day for America’s work force. Now of course I have not seen all of their DVD materials, but I would think that they would put their best segments out for most to see for free. If these are their best……………..There is nothing left to be said. We do cater to mom and pop businesses and most corporate minded folks have a different take on how to do business. There are very few principles that can overlap between corporate and small business. I would venture to say that if you showed these materials to 10 small business owners they would pass a kidney stone from laughter. Lastly, these “skits” are completely degrading to the common worker. Your thoughts are invited and wanted.

  6. Mike /

    You’re misunderstanding (probably for lack of the rest of the video) what Nancy is saying. She doesn’t mean you’re gonna spend 80% of your DAY apologizing, etc, to the customer. She’s talking about a single phone call where the person is upset, and however long that call ends up taking, of that time 80% of it will turn out to be working to turn an angry customer into one that continues to want your product.

    I worked for our local cable company for 3 years and out of about 60 calls in a day only 1-2 of them would be an angry customer that required this kind of attention and only lasted about 8 minutes average. 80% af 8 minutes on ONE CALL is not a big deal. You guys are looking at this all wrong.

  7. Mike /

    I also forgot to say that I’ve watched all their videos on Customer Service so I know what I’m talking about. We were required to watch them. This video is one lesson, and its focus was how to handle an angry customer. This video does not represent what you do on every call.

    You’re apologizing for nothing? It’s quite obvious neither of you 2 have ever worked in customer service. You’re apologizing for whatever terrible service they may have received, and while you personally may not be responsible for it, it’s your JOB to do so.

    While these videos are more corny than Iowa, they are absolutely correct. Our local cable company would cancel service calls in an area if an outage happened in that area and wouldn’t even call the customer to tell them. The custoemr then had to call us and ask us after waiting at home all day for someone who wasn’t going to show up. That’s not right. They also usually take a day off from work just to be home so that they can get their issue resolved. It’s reasons like that which caused me to leave the company after 3 years because no one wanted to do anything about it. We had EVERY reason to apologize to those people.

    Not every angry customer has a legitimate complaint as some of them call just to be jerks and try and get free stuff. Those people would get derailed.

  8. Ashley /

    Hey Mike,

    Totally understand what you’re saying and where you’re coming from as a previous customer service rep. But you have to remember that you were in the corporate world where we are talking “small business.” As a customer service rep you were not in the position to fire a customer like we can as business owners. In her videos, she does say “When is a customer wrong?” quickly replying with a short and curt “Never.” As small business owners, we believe that NO ONE is always right, therefore a customer cannot always be right. As small business owners we wear many hats, customer service being one of the hardest to deal with day in and day out.

    These videos are geared towards a corporate customer service mindset yet sold to small businesses. We are educating upcoming and seasoned business owners for reasons such as this. Small business owners know that they if they choose to run their business like this, they are going to fail.
    By offering this advice to small businesses she is setting them up for failure.

    We appreciate your comments Mike, and we would love to have you on the show to challenge us our thoughts. We know how easy it is to blog and comment over the internet, that’s why we challenge anyone who disagrees with our stance on small businesses.


  9. Mike /

    Yeah, I can see how small businesses would handle things differently. The corporate world (which I cannot stand) has to deal with a much larger scale and therefore must employ different techniques.

    When I’ve worked for smaller places wtih a problem customer who was out of line and they’ve claimed “the customer is always right” we said “no, the customer is always a customer”. You’re only right when you’re right.

    I do agree with you that you cannot use these kind of tactics for small business but you guys make it sound like you’ll never have anything to apologize for. While that would be AWESOME and I hope thats the case, you’re gonna make mistakes at some point and I hope you would care more about it than it seems.

  10. Greg Hopkins /

    Mike I think you are taking this way out of proportion. They are just stating that if a customer acts like they portray on this video you have every right not to apologize to the customer. As a customer service rep, you are in a very different position than a business owner. They are talking to business owners and not service reps of corporate companies. You said you can’t stand corporate, well this is why small businesses can’t stand them either because they put this crap out there to sell and make money with when they have never even owned a business….

    If you watch other segments of this show you would see that they have quite a bit of experience on what they talk about and also love their good customers. Why don’t you take them up on their challenge if you feel so strongly about it?


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