We came across a recent article from the Phoenix Business Journal discussing firing bad customers… naturally, we were interested to read on…

In the article, “Sometimes You Have to Fire a Customer,” author Ray Silverstein claims that a major problem with small business owners is that they often find themselves giving their best service to their worst customers in order to please them.  Like we always say, putting all of your effort into pleasing one or two CustoMonsters will only take time and attention away from your loyal customers.  Take care of your good customers, and FIRE the bad ones!

Silverstein also makes a great point that small businesses should focus more on finding new customers continuously, as opposed to babying their bad customers.  One of the best lines from this blog post was the comment he made about the mistake of allowing bad customers to take your full attention away from those deserving of it.. “When it comes to customer service, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  —- Let’s change that!!  Don’t get us wrong, we believe that giving 100% to our customers is most important, however, we know when to cut the cord.


Read his article here.

Thank you Mr. Silverstein, & props to your thinking =)







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