You read that and totally sang it like the song didn’t you? Yeah, we see you’re head nodding and there is definitely a reason to be giddy about this opportunity if you’re a business owner or start-up.

Marketing isn’t cheap and as a start-up or small business you just don’t have the funds like those big corporate dudes do. We get this because we are small business owners and know how important every penny is worth so we are offering this whoomp-there-it-is-advertising for free but just a wee little request…

We have a bunch of t-shirts that we can give out so we thought, why not give these out and help others at the same time? If you want to promote your business through our site and show we will do that for you for free if you’re willing to wear our t-shirt in your store or at the office. Why is your hand raised with an eyebrow up? Yes, of course we’re serious.

If you want to get in on this you better jump on it now because apparently many love this idea and are all over it. Get on the list now friends and no we don’t do VIP lists like others do because that’s skipping the line to us. If you want more info on this email us:sponsor(at) and put in the subject: I want to wear your shirt!

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