Although we like to have a lot of fun here at the BB Show we do like to address important topics that business owners deal with every day. We get asked this question over and over in many different ways but it boils down to the same thing every time…Quality over Quantity.

As a business owner I need every customer that walks through my door…

“I recently just started a web design company after losing my job at a former web development place. I have been able to contact others I worked with before and they referred me to possible customers. It’s been a bit overwelming because a few of them want things right now and don’t want to pay what I charge to do it. I don’t want to turn them down simply because I don’t want to lose their business. I feel like I need to work with them all and rather than pick my customers.”

-Kevin Grimes
Houston, TX

Actually you don’t have to take in every customer Kevin, because you need to make sure that customer is going to fit your business. You have the upperhand and it’s YOUR business. If a customer is not willing to even pay for your services in the beginning or asking too much of you then what makes you think they will pay you in the end? Many times this is a gut thing too. You know when they say “listen to your gut?” Well it’s true and if a red flag pops up when first talking with or while pre-qualifying that customer then you need to decide what’s going to be best for you. If you’re not feeling it then just kindly let them know that you are not able to do what they need and recommend someone else or give the “A Price” we call here at BB.

There is nothing wrong with picking and choosing your customers, it’s no different than you picking the right product to go with for your business or in your house etc. That is where pre-qualification comes in and you have to do this or you’re going to drive yourself mad trying to please every customer you come across. Web development is tough too because many don’t understand what all goes into it and all the crazy little details etc. So we feel your pain on that my friend.

Don’t listen to the “customer service gurus” that tell you to take in every customer and hold their hand, it just doesn’t work like that. If you let go of your bad customer it gives so much more time to concentrate on the awesome customers which is good customer service. Hope this helps!

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