And you thought we were going to stop at the CustoMonster 3000? Never underestimate us here at BB.

Be A Part Of The CustoMonster Commercials

We have had numerous emails come in about our CustoMonster videos and how people can be a part of them so we are opening the doors. If you want to be a part of one of our CM commercials just email us so we can see when we will be in your area or if you want to swing by our area.

For more info email Ashley: ashley(at)

BB Gives Back

Something that is dear to our hearts are non-profits and organizations doing amazing things. We help and participate any way and anytime that we can. Since we have been kind of busy lately we wanted to give back by getting the organizations on our show to tell us who they are and to help spread the word. If you’re interested in talking to us about your organization please email us at: givingback(at)


We have had an overwelming response to some of the sponsorships we offer and they are selling quickly. Why? Well #1 it’s not an arm and a leg like other sponsorships and we are real true blue business owners that people trust. So when we promote you, people listen (and that’s quoted from those who sponsor us). Learn more about what’s available here.

Or feel free to contact us about more information and we can even “customize” sponsorships.  Email: sponsor(at)