Next up for our business spotlight is a company that we came across with a very unique twist on networking, known as MeetingWave.

A little background about MeetingWave:

MeetingWave was created with the strong belief that networking with real people is the single most important thing you can do if you are looking for a new opportunity. Their tool connects you with real people, allowing you to build real, valuable relationships with other professionals, employees, clients, partners or mentors. MeetingWave was developed by TTB Technologies, LLC, a company founded for the purposes of creating, developing, licensing and commercializing new technologies and intellectual property.

(Info was taken from MeetingWave website here)

Our interview with MeetingWave founder — John Boyd

We asked John if he had dealt with any dreaded CustoMonsters in the past, so he let us in on his top story and what he did in response to the customer.  Check out his interview below:

What is was the worst thing that a customer said to you or your employees?

One day I get an irate email with this message:

“What is going on?  You are advertising a meeting for NetworkingCT at SBC Restaurant and we do not have a meeting planned.  This is very unprofessional and want this taken down immediately.  Please advise.”

Turns out this user or a partner posted the invite for an event (even though our focus not events) and forgot about it.

What did you do in response to the customer or did you do anything?

I simply deleted his invite and sent him a note explaining what happened.  Ironically, I met this fellow and he wanted me to hire him for marketing work.  I’ll never hire or partner with someone like that.

We like to call to refer to bad customers as “CustoMonsters” so what would your definition of a CustoMonster be?

Someone who’s rude and inconsiderate without a reason.

Have you ever fired a customer? If so, tell us about it.

We have a “Delete Member Permanently” button in the administration section of the website which we use when a member violates our Terms.  I’ll send the member a notice of how they violated our Terms, explain the purpose of the Terms and notify them that their membership has been deleted.  If I believe the user didn’t understand the Terms or the purpose of the site, I’ll send a warning instead.

Contact MeetingWave:

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