Ok ya’ll, I came across this article and almost screamed.. this is one of the main reasons why businesses fail.  PROBLEM CUSTOMERS!  So why does someone think they have the right to enable these customers by writing a blog teaching them to complain and squeeze the life out of businesses??

In the post, the author preaches that in order to complain to get what you want, you have to become “the devil’s advocate,” and look at the business’ perspective (preparing yourself for the arguing/debate ahead).  He then moves on to give tips on how to argue without becoming angry… uhhh ok.  And we cannot forget this one.. if you get stuck talking to a representative and you can tell you’re not getting anywhere,  ask him “what he would do if he was in your position.”  Seriously? Are we trying to get some sympathy now from the people you’ve been yelling and screaming at??

If you would like to look at the post, (simply for a laugh of course..) click here.

I will add that the author did make a “Note” at the top asking readers to use his advice “responsibly.”  Again, SERIOUSLY??

You are clearly Stuck on Stupid.


— What’s wrong with them?? PC Out