The Importance of Contracts and Change Order Forms


Okay so this may be “basic” business knowledge but it’s amazing how many people forget about the basics which is why we have our “back to the basics” segments.  Both of these are oh so important to your daily business routine (depending on your business of course) that you need to make sure you’re doing this with your customers.


Make sure any and all details are included in your contract with the customer. Don’t ever think it’s too wordy or contains too much information. Less info is where it will cause you headaches later on. The more information that a customer has the better the communication will be between you both. And of course ALWAYS have a contract or some form of agreement before you work with a customer to make sure everyone is on the same page and so you’re covered later on.

Change Order Forms:

First you have your contract then let’s say the customer decides they want something added or changed about the original job/contract this is where you create another “agreement” stating the changes and get the customer to sign it. This is to save yourself from MAJOR headaches and it keeps the communication still going strong with your customer.


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