I came across this article written by Doug Packard on firing bad customers… admittedly, I was grinning from ear to ear from start to finish.

Packard discusses a CEO’s journey into firing his bad customers, and in turn, how he became closer with his customers by learning which to keep and which to “let go.”  Packard writes, “…he discovered that, contrary to the old saying, the customer is not always right.”

Another great point made by Packard was the CEO’s decision to create a list of problem customers.  They then chose which customers to “fire,” knowing this would be a beneficial move for their company due to the amount of money wasted in trying to appease them.

In the article, Packard gives a list of signs that businesses can look for when dealing with unruly customers.  He also lists several benefits a business will experience after firing those customers.

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There is a reason behind the madness after all 🙂

– What’s wrong with them?? PC Out