What is more fun than Business Beware? Well nothing actually so we took it with us to the slopes in WA. Leah and I set out to conquer the slopes at Stevens Pass and it is breathtaking out there seriously.

Here’s a funny story for you too. We put our “Not Always Right” sticker (thanks to our friends at websticker.com) on our boards and helmets for others to look at as they coast down the mountain. While taking a break and standing in line to get a hot coffee a customer was in front of us yelling at the girl behind the counter stating that they should a certain water stocked. When she replied with “sir, we don’t carry that water here at the lodge” he repeatedly argued and growled until he saw our helmets. He glared at us and we just shook our heads back at him.

All I can say is that he was for sure a CustoMonster. No matter where you go they just seem to pop up everywhere.

More videos and photos from the trip to come so stay tuned. In the mean time follow Stevens Pass on twitter: @StevensPass and give them a shout out when you visit.