We had an awesome article written about us on Entrepreneur.com last week (written by Jason Fell). As always we have amazing feedback about our concept Business Beware but you always have those that seem to disagree or just want to put their 2 cents in.

We welcome any comments or feedback people want to send our way and believe me we don’t back down from a good conversation or challenge. We saw this comment made by “Mike” in response to the article:

“If you can’t get along with customers then you don’t belong in business. Its no wonder 9 out of ten businesses fail with the current temperament. Universal rule: What goes around ALWAYS comes around. Negative ALWAYS leads to NEGATIVE. The world is getting more violent and it’s pretty stupid to be pouring fuel on the fire.”

Well we of course had to respond back to this and here is what Robert had to say:

“Mike thanks for the word. I suppose you are the all knowing statistician and can verify that “9 out of ten businesses fail with the current temperament”. Besides that if you even read the article there is nothing NEGATIVE implied. If you are a business owner that has ever experienced a “Customonster” (aka a customer that CANNOT BE PLEASED) they should be fired. Can you honestly say that a customonster that verbally abuses your employees is worthy of taking up your time that could be used productively for your good customers? I should say not. Sorry Mike, but if this was a try to be politically correct it insults any true, honest, hard working entrepreneur.”

You wouldn’t believe how many business owners and entrepreneurs contacted us after reading our comment saying how much they agreed with our reply. Anyone who feels like Mike does we ask you to come on our show and chat with us. Tell us why you feel or think this way. Just know that we will state our opinion as well.

Read the full article here.