We came across this article on Boston.com that highlights the company contractor, Thomas V. Gadbois & Sons of Oxford and their continuation to have good customer service. A lady that had them do work at her house over 6 years ago had damage from recent ice storm. She called them out there to fix a few things and Thomas didn’t charge her a penny. The lady replies with “You can’t ask for better customer service than that,’’ Landry said. “Plus, he didn’t charge me a penny.’’

While that’s awesome of him to do that, at the same time it could totally cause problems for him down the road…Thomas states: ““Since we began the business back in 1983,’’ he said, “I told my sons and all of my employees, ‘Do not focus your attention on the dollar. Focus your attention on the customer and the dollar will always follow. Communicating, understanding, and reacting positively to your customers’ needs will have people ranting and raving about you. I am very thankful and feel very blessed for having such wonderful people to work for.’’

Sounds like an awesome guy who knows what he’s talking about and a great business owner. While most business owners feel this way it doesn’t mean that all customers truly appreciate that gesture. Some might even take advantage of that if you don’t charge them and the next time you go out for a service call they will expect that. The lady probably had full intention of paying but was treated to that since she was a long time customer and the predicament she was in with the ice everywhere.

It proves there are good people out there and those businesses who do love their customers. Good for you Thomas but just be careful not to let customers take advantage of you when you’re doing such good things because they totally will and those are called….CustoMonsters.

You can read the full article here.