Happy 2011!

Okay it’s a new year, time for new things, new adventures, new leaps and new things with the show. We thought it was a perfect time to start making some changes and amp up things with the show since so many of you love our idea and concept behind Business Beware. So we are going to bring it starting today. We were busy at work working on a new episode so stay tuned!

Start your year off right by using Business Beware for your business.

We came across this awesome site called Mad Mimi. It’s an email marketing platform. Yes, there are a ton of them out there so why did we choose them to help you stay in the know about the show? Here’s why:

“We built Mad Mimi 100% from the ground up with no preconceived notions, no corporate structure, no unnecessary features. The result? The world’s most sensible, enjoyable email marketing tool. Enjoy!”

That’s from the founders Leah and Gary. We read that and we were sold. We built Business Beware in the same way. Just small business owners wanting to help fellow business owners…So check them out at MadMimi.com and sign up to be on the BB VIP List!