While we sang songs around the Christmas tree the other day we also couldn’t help but think of new and amazing things to add to our show and for upcoming videos. We are making everything perfect for the upcoming shows that we can’t even tell you all the new things to come. Yes, we just pulled an Oprah as she cuts to commercial break.

We will say this though if you have a story you think is flat out hilarious whether it has to do with owning a business or dealing with a CustoMonster, we want to hear it. So get your hands out of the cookie jars and email us your stories so we can bring you on the upcoming episodes.

Oh and we can’t forget to mention that UnGeeked e’lite is coming to Orlando in March. It will be here before you know it so get your ticket now and if you do come then let us know so we can meet up with you. Find out all about UnGeeked right here.