Holidays Bring Out the CustoMonster Shoppers

Holidays tend to bring out the crazy shoppers we like to call “CustoMonster Shoppers.” You know the ones that yell at you behind the register because you don’t have anymore of the new ipads they just have to get for their kids, they bother you until they hear what they want you to say or they punch the other nice customer in the face while you’re not looking and runaway with the hoilday ham.

Well our Christmas gift to you is Business Beware. And yes my friends it’s free.


The Business Beware Show is the edgy, non-fluff show for business owners and customers that brings you business humor, customer service with a twist, business advice and interviews with small business owners from all over. Hosted by father/daughter duo Robert and Ashley Bodi, who are small business owners that live in the shoes of everyday business owners and know all about the ups and downs of what it's like to own a business. Featured in BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, ABC, Business Insider and more.

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