Look what we found! Yes, it’s Scott Gerber’s new book Never Get a Real Job. Well we didn’t find it we actually bought it on Amazon but it happened to make it’s way to our studio desk.

Can we just say how awesome this book is? We have already read a few chapters and it’s oh so amazing. We love how Scott is so to the point and straight forward about everything. You have to be that way with people though because that’s how it is in the real world.

Scott is a great person and we have had the pleasure of having him on the show twice already AND we will be talking with him today about his book. If you didn’t know about the Council that Scott put together make sure and check it out right here. The council consists of young entrepreneurs from all over who are answering questions for those that are just starting out with their business ideas.

Make sure and follow Scott on Twitter too and let him know you heard about his new book launch. If you have any questions for Scott feel free to send them our way. A free book might be up for grabs so make sure and check back!