Can you guess what’s in this picture?

You remember the character “Where’s Waldo?” The little guy in stripes you always tried to find among all of the crowds and pictures? Well we at Business Beware have decided to create our own style of this we like to call…..wait for it….“Where’s Business Beware?”Fancy right?

We are going to take pictures with our handy dandy mini moo cards all over the place where you have the chance to guess what’s in the picture. It may be a product, place, business, store etc. and if you can guess what or where it’s at then we are giving you a free t-shirt. Yes, an authentic and official BB t-shirt with other cool swag too.

This will be an ongoing thing so don’t worry if you miss one there will be plenty to go around where you can take a guess too. Don’t put the guess here in the comments send them to info-at-businessbeware-dot-biz with the subject: WHERE’S BUSINESS BEWARE

We will post each photo here and on our posterous blog too.