Business Beware Show Star Trek Spoof Video

Okay I know you’re getting anxious about the new show coming soon but so are we! We appreciate you being patient with us as we try and get all the final details done with the set, new segments and working with Robert is a process on it’s own 😉

With new things coming for the show we thought we would give you a little sneek peak of what’s coming. No of course we are not giving anything away but we definitley are going to be bringing you so downright hilarious episodes and videos so stay tuned.

Don’t forget if you have any questions about the show or questions you want to send in for the “Dear Robert” segment then send them on over asap. Email us info-at-businessbewareradioshow-dot-com

Enjoy the video!


The Business Beware Show is the edgy, non-fluff show for business owners and customers that brings you business humor, customer service with a twist, business advice and interviews with small business owners from all over. Hosted by father/daughter duo Robert and Ashley Bodi, who are small business owners that live in the shoes of everyday business owners and know all about the ups and downs of what it's like to own a business. Featured in BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, ABC, Business Insider and more.

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