The Customer is Not Always Right.

You know how we feel about this and what our website stands for. The customer is not always right because nobody is always right honestly. Take care of your good customers and fire the bad ones, it’s that simple.

Bad Customers (aka CustoMonsters)

There are a lot of bad customers out there that try and take advantage of business owners. You know exactly these types of customers we’re talking about too. These rude customers are the ones that cause you headaches, cost you money and take time away from your good customers. Two words – FIRE THEM.

Good customers having a bad day.

Have you ever had a customer that you’ve known and always known to be a great customer but seemed to be a little more on the rude side that day? There is a huge difference in a bad customer and a good customer having a bad day. Like we always say here at Business Beware – you never know what’s going on in someones life or what their day has been like so don’t always jump to conclusions that they’re a bad customer. Of course, it’s not right for someone to take out their bad day on you as the employee or business owner but just always remember that something else could be causing them to be in a bad mood.

Here is an example of exactly what we’re talking about. This movie most of you know…Father of the Bride with Steve Martin. In this movie he is a great father/worker and husband from what is portrayed. During the movie he gets stressed out about his daughter getting married, letting go and all the things that come with a wedding. Needless to say he is stressed out when he goes into the grocery store trying to purchase hot dog buns.

So here’s a down to earth and nice guy that has had a rough few weeks and takes it out on the store employee. But notice at the end (when he’s in jail) where he realizes that was his breaking point and that he was in the wrong.

Bad days happen to everyone.

Everyone has bad days so when you come across a customer that is being rude remember there may be something behind them reacting like they are. But if they are a consistent pain to deal with every time you see or deal with them then that my friend is a bad customer that needs to be fired.