Here is another great interview with Arthur Montgomery with Paramount Financial, llc.  He educated us on how he and his company pre-qualify their customers and why using a questionnaire is important in their business.

How do you pre-qualify your customer?   We have a questionnaire that we go through with the clients.

What is the one and most important thing to ask while getting to know the customer (pre-qualify) and to see if they are a fit for your business?  What are you looking for in a financial advisor, what are your expectations of a financial advisor?

Do you require a percentage down before you work with them? (Depending on what type of business you are) We offer an initial no cost consultation, after that it is either paid in full or they are billed quarterly.

What advice would you offer a business on how to pre-qualify their customers?  Identify you ideal customers.  Identify questions that will separate your ideal customer from your PITA’s. Pains in the A.  We have identified characteristics of customers that tend to be difficult, we try to ask questions to see if they have these characteristics.

Have you ever had a customer that was difficult or caused problems for your business? If yes, tell us what happened and how you handled it.  Oh yes, several.  We typically reduce our service load in the hope they will leave on their own.  After a few months if they are still here we suggest they find another advisor.

We like to call bad/unruly customers – CustoMonsters. What would be your definition of a CustoMonster? We had one woman who was mad because I was at an investment education conference when she wanted to speak with me.  Anyone who has very high expectations and high servicing issues but provides very little revenue is my definition of a CustoMonster.  These are the people who think they walk on water and I should drop everything to provide them with something they could easily do for themselves.  If they don’t get their way they throw a tantrum.

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