Ever hit writers block and have no idea what to write or talk about? Everyone hits that wall a few times or maybe all the time so we decided to brainstorm a few things we think might get your juices flowing.

1. Give reasons why people should sign up for your newsletter.

2. Review something in your industry whether it’s a product or something you use for your business.

3. Share and lists tools that you use everyday for your job and why others should too.

4. Share problems you face with your type of business or industry.

5. Why your business is better or different than your fellow competitors.

6. Make a list of your favorite things.

7. Spotlight your favorite people in the industry and tell others why their knowledge is something others should check out too.

8. Make a list of your favorite sites that you use everyday whether it’s to do with your business or just business related.

9. Ways you have found that work best to market your business to your customers.

10.  Let others know how and why you’re using social media. If you’re not using it share why (because a ton of small businesses still don’t).

There is a quick list of 10 thoughts for you to help you get back on track with your blog posts or if you were just looking for new ideas. If you liked this list great! If you have other tips, feel free to leave them below and share with us as well.