How many articles do you see written titled “the customer is always right?” We see a TON of them and they always state the same old thing and just the same old facts about how to bend over backwards for a customer and to keep your mouth shut etc. That’s not what customer service or “customer care” (what they are calling it now) is all about or how it works. To say that a customer is always right is a lie because no single person is always right. Now if you’re in the wrong and it was your fault, by all means then let the customer know and figure out how you can make it up to them but if they just want something for free or just there to cause problems – fire them.

Check out the show from this past week (yes it’s a little late!) about some of the articles we found on this topic and discuss while also discussing just how important employees are and why you don’t need to try and get “quantity customers over quality customers.”

This is part one of the show. When you finish you can view part 2 here.

If you want to listen to audio only, here you go:

Nobody is Always Right Therefore the Customer is Not Always Right – Oct 05,2010

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