In our search to chat with businesses on how they pre-qualify customers before a job, we got the chance to interview Leslie Jacobs with her business – Les is More. Check out her tips about how she pre-qualifies her customers with her business:

How do you pre-qualify your customer?

When they call up and book a day—we have certain questions we ask to qualify them as a customer—such as what type of organizing messes do you have and what is organized in your home—from there we can tell how dis-organized they are and then book them ONLY  if they pay up front the first hour which is $75 dollars.

What is the one and most important thing to ask while getting to know the customer (pre-qualify) to see if they are a fit for your business?

Talking to them about general rules of organizing and how they have dealt with the clutter through the years…we can gleam enough information to make a decision if we are going to take them as a customer.  As long as the person who wants the help calls, we will take them. We do not make appointments for the husband—if the wife is calling—the husband has to call and talk with us.

Do you require a percentage down before you work with them?

Yes, 75 dollars for the first hour up front paid in full.

What advice would you offer a business on how to pre-qualify their customers?

If you know your business well, then just talking to them about their concerns will let you know how serious they are about it.

Have you ever had a customer that was difficult or caused problems for your business? If yes, tell us what happened and how you handled it. 

I once had a husband call me and book me –and his wife would call and cancel—This went on for about 3 months—until I told them that unless they paid up front for the entire session I would not even book them—they never called again.  I bet they are both still cluttered.

We like to call bad/unruly customers – CustoMonsters. What would be your definition of a CustoMonster?

It use to be someone who would book me and then cancel.  Now, with me having people pay for the first hour I do not have cancellations.

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