We got to chat with Rich DiGirolamo from RecessatWorkDay.com where they — create team spirit, engage employees, increase morale and share your fun side with the people you spend the majority of your life with. It’s a opportunity to start thinking about new and innovative products and services; perhaps about offering your employees a fun experience that they can turn into a great customer experience.

You know us too we always have to ask about dealing with difficult customers and what their definition of a CustoMonster is. So Rich shared some of his run ins with a difficult customer who “acted up” and his thoughts on customers being so demanding.

Rich is a great guy and so much fun to chat with. Make sure and visit his website and connect with him via twitter and facebook too.

Watch the interview here or feel free to listen or download the audio

Rich was kind enough to send me a hat so I could be a part of the cool kid group too or cool “employee group” should I say. 🙂 Robert’s jealous because he isn’t part of the cool group…