There’s Always a Bridezilla Somewhere

We sat down with Candice Cain of Candy Cane Travel Co. not too long ago and talked with her about how she started her destination wedding company and what made her decide to be a wedding planner.

You can tell that she loves what she does and loves to make every one’s wedding day special. And with that special day there can always be that one standout bridezilla that can throw the temper tantrums and well you know the rest, especially if you watch the show on TLC. She shares some stories about interesting brides she’s had to work with which are just absolutely hilarious. You would think with their special day they would be happy and frolicking in the wind but no a bad customer is a bad customer everywhere…

Robert was gone so my sis Rachel (who is getting married this Dec!) joined me to interview Candice. It was an all girls day but don’t worry guys you will enjoy the show too as always 🙂

Connect with Candice:

Candy Cain Travel Interview


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