Customers Wanting Things for Free

Story¬†sent in from business owner – Kyle Garlan who owns a cafe in Santa Barbara…

“Hey guys! Okay so the other day I had a customer come in my cafe that from the start you could tell was going to be a pain. Him and his friend ordered their meals and ate it all without a complaint. When the my employee took them the check they told her ‘This meal was terrible, I want it for free.’ I was informed of the situation and went over there to speak with them about the situation. I asked them what was wrong with the food and they replied with ‘it wasn’t cooked right and it just tasted terrible.’ As I bit my tongue I kindly said ‘At want point did you realize you didn’t like how the food tasted? Was it at the beginning, middle or end when you finished all of the food?’ They just stared at me like they could not have believed what I said to them, although I could have said much more. I told them I could discount the meal for them and they still complained of course. They also wanted a free meal for the next time they were to come into the place too. After I returned their cards I ended up not charging them and left them a note on their ticket stating “We do not need your business in the future, have a wonderful day.” I watched from a distance and as they glared back at me I just smiled and waved back to them.

I love your show and your website Business Beware. It’s an amazing service for businesses but also encouragement to all business owners to not be afraid to fire a customer. We are forever supporters of Business Beware.”

Wow…we got this the other day from Kyle and we definitely shedded a tear. We are so pumped that people are embracing our site and what we talk about on our show and shout from the rooftops about not being afraid to fire your customer. We encourage anyone who wants to share their story, be on our show or just leave a comment about a time you had to deal with a CustoMonster…

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