We stumbled across this article today: Steve Slater to McNugget rage: Customer service or customer to blame?  This is what is tripping us out about how others are receiving these stories (not dissing this article just the title) is that the media are making it out to be like Steven did this because he hated his job but yet he stated “I love my job.”  Did they miss the point that the customer is the reason he reacted this way? 

The McNugget video that was released is just flat out hilarious that a customer would actually react that way over McNuggets…The woman says that she doesn’t remember it at all, well most don’t like to remember things that they did like that…

In the article I just mentioned it stated

 “But there’s more: For people who work in jobs that involve lots of customer service, a common peeve is that customers too often are demanding, abusive, or even downright violent.” 

Ugh, so true.  And it shows in the video of this woman attacking the lady at the drive thru.  I think people forget the fact that there are some customers that believe they are always going to get their way no matter what.  They can’t stand the fact that some business owners turn them away or say “you’re not welcome here and we don’t need your business.”  A business owner can tell any person they don’t need their business if they don’t feel they are a fit to work with.  Of course there is somewhat of a fine line you walk with working the corporate world, you don’t own that business and so you can’t just say “hey, you’re not welcome.”  Little bit of a different story there but at the same time you don’t deserve to be treated like scum…

Yes, there can always be bad customer service out there whether the kid is too busy texting rather than helping you after you have been waiting for over 30 minutes or someone who completely ignores you and even stares right at you.  But you can’t rule out the bad customers out there because they are EVERYWHERE.  Those that truly believe the customer is always right have another thing coming and it’s just old school of how things were interpreted. 

P.S. We included the video for your enjoyment and we put it on our “CustoMonster” page too.

What do you think about the article?