We have been screaming this from the rooftops to business owners through our website Business Beware and on our show right here that the customer is not always right. There are so many customers out there that take advantage of you and your business, treat you like poo just because they think they can and those that are out to steal from a business.  Yes, we said steal.

Some customers take the saying “the customer is always right” to the extreme.  Just because you are an angry and unhappy person doesn’t mean you can take it out on an employee trying to do their job.  Yes, you try and accommodate customers and treat them right when you work with them but if they are unruly from the beginning you need to have your guard up a little and know when to say “enough is enough.”  

After this happened with the Steven Slater many people were against the fact that he did what he did but I’m sure most of those people are in the column that believe the slogan “the customer is always right” to be true no matter what.  Most small business owners (including us) nod our heads and say “good for you Steven Slater, good for you.”

If you have unruly customers like Steven dealt with or what we like to call the “CustoMonster” then I think you might should warn fellow business owners about them at Business Beware, just a thought.

Think we’re wrong about the customer not always being right?  Then challenge us, we dare you.