Before the show on Saturday Robert happened to stumble across an article in the St. Pete Times titled “Hold on to what you have.” These two authors of “How to Keep Your Job: In a tough competitive market” shared their insights on how employees can survive the uncertain economic times (and that is quoting the newspaper).  

A few questions down the question reads: “What else can you do?”Calandra says: You’ve got to start coming to work on time and staying there as long as you can. A lot of people are going to try to fly below the radar. But that’s a mistake.  You make yourself visible by being active and making sure the manager sees you.

Another question down reads: “You have to invest in yourself and your company?” Kitson says: As it turns out, if you do things in the right ways, they will be in your best interests and in the company’s best interests.  If both of those come together, there’s a pretty decent chance you’ll have an opportunity of being viewed as more valuable.

Are you scratching your head like we were when we first read these?  That is word for word on what was written in the article, no lie.  Robert’s words were “is that what our society has come to with this type of advice??”  Well the second question and answer doesn’t even make any sense.  Of course you show up to work on time!  That is just what you do and what a true hard worker does, you have to tell people to do that now?

What else is sad is that this was printed and supported by a large newspaper article in the business/job section.  WOW.