Okay raise your hand if you know exactly what we are about to say…Okay whoa all of you have your hands up, are we that predictable??  No but really we are putting together some things about corporate companies that will make you laugh and wet your pants.  What are some of these people thinking?  

We can’t understand for the life of us why some talk the way they do when others are going, “just get to the point dude.”  They go through hoops and ladders to get one thing done when small business owners get ten things done by the time they decide on thing is approved.  Oh wait, are we talking about the government or corporate?

Seriously though get ready for some great stories to head your way about the great corporate world people are stuck in and believe that a business is to be run this certain way…

What are your thoughts on corporate companies and how they run things?  (don’t be shy, we don’t bite.)